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Keep Your Wood Flooring Looking Great This Winter

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Wood is such a popular choice for flooring because of its unique characteristics and charm it adds to a room. Homeowners in Vancouver are all too familiar with the impact snow and ice can have on their beautiful hardwood floors. There are a few measures you can take to prevent cold weather from damaging your floors.

Entrance Mats

High-quality floor mats placed at your doorways will help prevent moisture from collecting in these areas. Use mats with non-slip, solid backings so that it does not discolour your wood. Absorbent fibres work best in wet climates as they will capture the most moisture. You should also remember to clean your mats on a regular basis, and even more so in the winter. Be sure to shake off dust before throwing mats in the washer and dry them thoroughly after. If the mat is still wet, it could wrap or stain wood planks.

Clean Puddles and Spills Immediately

Even the most absorbent mats cannot catch all the moisture from large spills and puddles. Get in the habit of mopping up spills quickly so that your wood is kept in pristine condition. It will be easier to do this if you store a cloth or mop near your doorways. You should also encourage visitors to remove their wet shoes before stepping on your wood floors.

Do Not Salt Your Porch

Salt can be a corrosive substance and especially on wood. While you might want to salt your porch to prevent a potential hazard, salt could cause more damage. Boots can carry salt indoors and deposit it on your boot trays, entrance mats, and floorboards. Even if you clean your doorways frequently, bits of salt can remain. This can cause your flooring to break down. Consider using sand instead to de-ice your porch - it is less destructive than salt, but it can also get between the cracks of your floorboards. The best way to keep your porch slip-free while protecting your hardwood floors is by using in-ground ice-melting systems or heated exterior mats.

Use Furniture Pads

Keep a few packs of furniture pads handy so that you can apply it to heavy pieces you purchase. These handy additions help prevent your wood from becoming scratched and dented. There are even furniture pad sheets available that allow you to customize the size cut. Just be sure that it sticks well and replace pads when they start to wear from regular use.

Cleaning Equipment

Wood maintenance also means adopting proper cleaning techniques. You should expect to clean your floors more frequently during the colder months, especially in high traffic areas. Purchase a mop preferably made from microfibre or another material that traps debris rather than spreading it. Dry mops can add shine back to your floors, but just be sure with your wood manufacturer or retailer that it is okay to use. By following these tips, you will extend the life of your hardwood floors. If your floorboards are showing signs of winter damage and need to be restored or refinished, call Seawest Hardwood Floor.