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Do Dogs Scratch Hardwood Floors?

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Hardwood floors are beautiful and quite an investment, which is why you want them to remain in perfect condition for a very long time. If you are a dog owner, you are well aware that this is not always possible because accidents happen and yes, dogs can scratch your hardwood floors.

Their nails can rip through hard surfaces, especially if a dog is looking for traction and they can even damage the finish and floorboards. This is especially true for larger dogs who are very active as their sharp nails will inevitably dig into your hardwood floors and cause both scratches and dents. This information can make it feel as though your hardwood flooring does not stand a chance once your dog is introduced to it, but don’t worry because dogs and hardwood flooring can co-exist.

Your dog is a member of your family and you don’t want to worry about them causing damage. The good news is that you don’t have to because easy solutions do exist to rectify scratches and keep your hardwood floors looking their best. The first step is to routinely clip and trim your dog’s nails, which will help prevent scratches. This is very important if you have a larger breed because they are likely to put a lot more pressure on the hardwood when running around.

No type of hardwood flooring is invincible but certain options are better for homes with dogs. Prefinished hardwood flooring consists of a harder finish that is a lot more durable, making it a better choice for those who have a dog. Colour is another aspect you need to consider because while no colour will completely prevent scratching by a dog, some will help hide the scratches and dents a lot better. Lighter wood colours that contain a good amount of graining will help camouflage any scratches so that they are not as noticeable as they would be on a darker coloured hardwood. Oak is a great option if you’re worried about scratches and will hide them quite easily.

The texture of the surface can also help and hand scraped hardwood flooring is a perfect example. Because the surface is textured right from the start the appearance of any scratches will hardly be noticeable and dents will barely show when compared to a smooth surface. Select a surface that has character and your dog’s nails won’t be a problem.

Seawest Hardwood Floor in Vancouver can help with all of your hardwood flooring needs and inquiries. Their skills and experience set them apart and they understand that accidents happen, so if your floor is in need of repairs, refinishing or restoration, give them a call today!