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The Do’s & Don’ts of Caring for Your Hardwood Floor

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Hardwood flooring is a great choice because it offers beauty and durability to any home. This type of flooring will elevate the appearance of any space and the high-end look it provides can be integrated perfectly with any design. Hardwood is definitely a favourite when it comes to flooring options, although it does have a few requirements, so if this is something you are considering, you will have to consider the following:


  • Consider the type of lifestyle you have and the amount of foot traffic present in your home. This is extremely important because it will help you select a hardwood species that can stand up to these elements so that you don’t experience damage.
  • Go over the warranty and maintenance information. You need to be aware of all of the details surrounding your new floors, so inspect the contract and make sure you understand the terms and conditions of your investment.
  • Hire a professional installer. While you may be tempted to complete this project on your own, the best approach is to hire a professional because they have the experience of installing hardwood floors, so you can have peace of mind knowing the job is going to be completed properly.
  • Check the contractor’s and manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the types of finishes or stains if you select unfinished hardwood flooring. They will be able to tell you which options are most suitable and which ones to avoid.
  • Expect some colour variations. Hardwood is a natural material, so you may see a difference in terms of colour once it is installed.


  • Install hardwood in bathrooms and basements. This is generally not recommended because these areas often have excessive amounts of moisture, which can damage or warp your floors.
  • Use harsh chemicals or wax-based cleaners to clean your hardwood. This will dull the finish, so use a dry mop instead and a suitable vacuum to eliminate dirt and dust. You should also avoid the use of excessive water when cleaning your hardwood because this, too, can cause damage.
  • Leave damp rugs on the surface of your floors. This can affect the appearance of your floors, so make sure spills, wet shoes and other issues of this nature are taken care of immediately so that your floors remain in their original condition.
  • Install hardwood flooring in cottages or other areas that are not environmentally controlled. Summer homes, for example, are not always maintained, so hardwood flooring would not be suitable as you would not be able to check on them consistently all year round.

Seawest Hardwood Floor specializes in hardwood flooring and we will gladly provide you with more information regarding maintenance and more. Whether you need hardwood floor refinishing or repairs, we do it all, so if you are in the Vancouver area, give us a Call now!